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Note: Only the Pre-teen division will compete in both casual wear and formal wear.

All other age divisions will compete in pageant/formal wear only.

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The 2023 Lad n’ Lassie and Pre-Teen Pageant will be held on Sunday, March 19, 2023 at 1:00 p.m. in the Shamrock High School Auditorium located at 100 S. Illinois St. Shamrock, Texas. We ask that all contestants dress in their best Sunday Wear or Formal Wear. Pre-Teen Division will compete in both Formal Wear and Casual Wear. Registration will be across the hall from the auditorium in the high school gymnasium. Each child will have a sign-in time. (All contestants of that age group will need to be registered and signed in no later than the time indicated). Contestants will be placed in the following age groups according to his/her age on the date of the pageant: PLEASE NOTE THAT TIMES AND AGE GROUP ORDERS HAVE CHANGED.


by 12:45               0-12 months (boy & girl division)

by 12:45               12 months+ to 24 months (girl division)

by 1:00                 1-5 year old (boy division only)

by 1:15                 25 months to 3 years old (girl division)

by 1:30                 4 year old (girl division)

by 1:45                 5-6 year old (girl division only)

by 2:00                 7-9 year old (boy & girl divisions)

by 2:15                 10-8th grade (girl division)


The dress for the 0-9 year old will be Glitz and Glam (Best Sunday Wear or Formal Wear. PLEASE MAKE SPECIAL NOTES TO DRESS REQUIREMENTS. The pre-teen division will have formal wear and casual wear.  ONLY CONTESTANTS UNDER THE AGE OF 4 MAY HAVE AN ESCORT ON STAGE. IF ESCORTS ARE NEEDED FOR ANY CONTESTANT OVER THE AGE OF FOUR MAY COUNT FOR DEDUCTIONS IN THE CONTESTANT’S SCORING. Each contestant in the 0-9 age groups will enter the stage individually and exit off the stage. (Before the 4-9 year old exit the stage, the emcee will ask him/her brief questions pertaining to the “facts of interest” portion on his/her entry form. We will try to have these questions as close to age appropriate as possible.) After the contestant exits the stage, they need to quickly return to the hallway and remain in numerical order. After each contestant of his/her age group has entered and exited the stage, that age group will be asked to re-enter the stage as a group so the judges can have their final look and tally the scores. At this time, winners will be announced. Only winners will remain on the stage so a representative from the County Star News can take a group picture for the paper. ONLY PICTURES BY THE NEWSPAPER REPRESENTATIVE WILL BE ALLOWED AT THIS TIME. ALL OTHER PICTURES MAY BE TAKEN AFTER THE PAGEANT.

The 10 year to 8th grade girls will be considered the Pre-Teen Division. They will need to arrive in their Casual Wear. Each contestant of this age division will enter the stage and introduce herself and then model her Casual Wear and have a short interview on stage. After the contestant exits the stage in her Casual Wear, she must return to the dressing room and change as quickly as possible to her Formal Wear. During the modeling of the Formal Wear each contestant will need to provide an escort (this is usually a parent). The escort will walk her to the runway, while the contestant enters onto the runway, the escort may exit off the stage. After the contestant has walked the runway, they will answer a random question for the judges. After the contestant answers her question, she will smile one last time for the judges before making her exit. After each contestant has had her turn we will call all contestants back on to the stage.  Winners will be announced at this time.


Awards will be issued to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners and a special award will be given for the “Best Smile” and “Most Photogenic”. The Pre-Teen Winner will also be receiving a gift basket that will be full of items donated by Shamrock’s area merchants. Each first place winner will receive a limited edition silver shamrock coin donated by McDonald’s of Shamrock.


Each contestant will need to complete an online official entry form and submit a $30.00 online entry fee by 5:00 PM ON FEBRUARY 19, 2023. (Any entry accepted after this date will have a $50.00 late fee, and you will not be in the County Star News!). Any unpaid entries will be withdrawn from the pageant. Space will be limited, if an age group has a high number of entrants, we will cut off registration prior to February 19, 2023, so remember to get your application and entry fee in early. A business, organization, or group may sponsor contestants, but it is not necessary. These sponsors will be mentioned during the contestant’s introduction. Photos will be used for the photo judging and to print in the County Star-News. (Please note that due to the newspaper’s strict printing deadlines, only paid entries received on or before February 19, 2023, will be printed in the newspaper.) The photo judging will be a separate competition and will not be counted towards the judging of the pageant. Winners of the photo judging will be announced during the pageant. 

For further information, please email:

Erica Kinzy at


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